About Weekends Without Hunger

This is a weekend feeding program for children during the school year who are on the free and reduced fee meals program. This program began in mid-October 2013 with first graders from Norwalk Catholic and Norwalk City Schools. Unmarked bags of food are distributed to the eligible children’s book bags while the children are out of their classrooms on Friday afternoons for privacy reasons. The program cost is $100 per child to feed a child nutritious food on weekends for the school year. This program now includes second graders and kindergarten children will be included beginning Friday, May 2nd.

Delivering Meals to Children

The purpose of this program is to improve the health of children, improve their reading skills and test scores, promote positive behavior, and increase school attendance while promoting public awareness of child hunger.

Funding for this program comes from local foundations and grants as well as private donations.  A $100 donation will provide a child 12 nutritious food items on weekends throughout the school year.